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Tactical gear, police equipment, police gear, swat gear, military gear, outdoor gear, hiking gear, and sports gear available in LEGEAR Australia and New Zealand. Shop the best selection from LEGEAR - 5.11 Tactical, ASP, Magnum, Fenix, Damascus, Benchmade, GShock, Danner, Blackhawk, Maxpedition, Under Armour, Lifestraw, Tru-Spec, ESS, Oakley, Under Armour, Leatherman, Galls, Magnum, HexArmor, Illumiglow, ITW, Line of fire, Armadillo, Reebok, Zak Tool, Surefire & many more.

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LEGEAR has supplied every facet of the Australian and New Zealand Government including Corrections, Customs, Australian and New Zealand Police Agencies and Defence Forces.

LEGEAR is proud to be a one stop shop for individuals throughout Australia and New Zealand. Some of this gear is difficult to get and we take pride in being able to ship to our customers where ever they are. We have shipped to just about all corners of the world but largely our customers are in Australia, New Zealand, Fiji, and other Pacific Islands.


LEGEAR Law Enforcement Gear, is Australia and New Zealand's leading supplier of Law Enforcement Equipment. Suppliers, Manufacturers and Distributors of Law Enforcement and Tactical equipment and products for Police, Customs, Corrections, Military and Defence and other Government agencies. We also supply private companies and individuals with gear that makes life easier and helps get the job done!

Category of Police, Tactical, Security, Military Products and equipment

Backpacks - Maxpedition and Blackhawk backpacks for every mission (Australia and New Zealand)
Bags and Organisers - Duty Bags, Vehicle organisers, clipboards and protective cases (Australia and New Zealand)
Book Shop - Police, Security and Investigation books. Great gift idea too! (Australia and New Zealand)
Binoculars & Telescopes - Binoculars, Telescopes and Monoculars (Australia and New Zealand)
Body Armour and Stab Vests - Body Armour including Ballastic and Stab Vests (Australia and New Zealand)
Clothing & Uniforms - Under Armour, 5.11 Tactical, Tru-Spec, Galls and Propper (Australia and New Zealand)
Duty Gear & Accessories - Duty Belts, handcuff, radio, pepper spray holders and more (Australia and New Zealand)
Entry Tools - Tactical entry kits, rams, breaching bars & padlock busters (Australia and New Zealand)
First Aid Kits / Medical - First Aid Kits and Medical Supplies (Australia and New Zealand)
Flashlights - Maglite, Surefire, Streamlight, Pelican and Princeton Tec. (Australia and New Zealand)
Footwear / Boots - Original SWAT, Danner, Altama, Galls and 5.11 Tactical (Australia and New Zealand)
Gift Ideas - Not just law enforcement but great gift ideas too! (Australia and New Zealand)
Gloves - Military and Police Gloves - Protection for your hands. Kevlar Police gloves, Cut resistant gloves Australia, Police gloves (Australia and New Zealand)
Handcuffs and Restraints - Handcuffs and restraints from Smith and Wesson and more (Australia and New Zealand)
Hydration Equipment - Camel Bak and BlackHawk Hydration Equipment (Australia and New Zealand)
Knives - Knives by Spyderco, CRKT, Tool Logic & Victorinox (Australia and New Zealand)
Multi Tools - Leatherman multi tools, the ultimate tool for on the job! (Australia and New Zealand)
Outdoor & Survival - Tents, Sleeping bags and Proforce survival equipment (Australia and New Zealand)
Stationery - Fisher Space Pens and Rite in the rain notebooks (Australia and New Zealand)
Traffic Gear - Gear for the car and traffic duties (Australia and New Zealand)
Sunglasses and Goggles - Wiley X, ESS and Hellstorm Goggles & Sunglasses (Australia and New Zealand)
Training Equipment - Simulation, Pugil Sticks, Mats, Dummies & more (Australia and New Zealand)
Watches - Suunto and Luminox Navy Seal Watches (Australia and New Zealand)

Manufacturers and Brands of Police, Tactical, Security, Military Products and equipment

5.11 Tactical Gear Clothing - Standard Issue wear for FBI, CIA and Special Agents. (Australia and New Zealand)
Altama Boots - ALTAMA boots built for performance, durability and comfort (Australia and New Zealand)
Ampel Probe Corporation - Makers of the #1 selling search and retrieval tool available (Australia and New Zealand)
ASP Batons and Products - Batons & Accessories including Baton Saver & RAM Light (Australia and New Zealand)
Benchmade Knives - High quality knives from the Benchmade Knives collection (Australia and New Zealand)
Blackhawk Duty Gear - Duty Gear Done Right" only in Australia from LEGEAR, agents for Blackhawk (Australia and New Zealand)
Blackhawk - Tactical Hydration, Backpacks, Gloves, Vests, Entry Tools and much more from Blackhawk (Australia and New Zealand)
CamelBak Hydration Systems - The complete range of CamelBak Hydration and accessories (Australia and New Zealand)
Buck Knives- Buck Knives manufacturer of pocket, folding & fixed blade knives & multi-use equipment (Australia and New Zealand)
Cold Steel Knives - Cold Steel Knives makes very high quality knives (Australia and New Zealand)
Damascus Gear - Highest quality Gloves, Protective gear & Bags. Highly recommended above others! (Australia and New Zealand)
Danner Footwear - High quality boots & shoes for hiking, work, hunting, military & police applications (Australia and New Zealand)
ESS Eyewear - The most widely-issued eyewear by the US Military (Australia and New Zealand)
Fenix Flashlights- The leader in industrial lighting technology. Flashlights spotlights & headlamps. (Australia and New Zealand)
Fisher Space Pens - Write upside down, extreme conditions & last 3 times longer (Australia and New Zealand)
Fobus Holsters - Made from polymers and injection molded for comfort and reliability (Australia and New Zealand)
Galls Police Equipment - 100's of Police, Military and Medical products - LEGEAR are authorised distributors for Galls (Australia and New Zealand)
Garrett Metal Detectors - World leaders in metal detection equipment (Australia and New Zealand)
Gerber - Knives, saw, axes and multi tools. Gerber Sharpeners and Lighting Tools (Australia and New Zealand)
Hatch Products - Hatch products including Gloves, Hoods, Knee and Elbow Pads, Goggles and Bags (Australia and New Zealand)
Humane Restraints - Specialised restraints for people who are a danger to themselves or others (Australia and New Zealand)
Illumiglow Glow Sticks - Illumiglow manufacture the very highest military grade chemical light products (Australia and New Zealand)
Inova Flashlights - Handheld lighting equipment driven by excellence in design, engineering & material (Australia and New Zealand)
Leatherman Multi Tools - Leatherman multi tools, the ultimate tool for on the job! (Australia and New Zealand)
LED Lenser - Innovative LED Flashlights and Micro Lights (Australia and New Zealand)
LEGEAR Law Enforcement Gear - Quality duty gear and accessories the preferred brand by many Police worldwide (Australia and New Zealand)
Maglite - At LEGEAR we highly recommend Maglite over any other flashlight! (Australia and New Zealand)
Magnum Boots - Hi Tec Magnum Boots manufacturer Police Boots and Military Footwear (Australia and New Zealand)
Maxpedition Hard Use Gear - Hard-use military specification nylon gear including bags, holders and tactical gear (Australia and New Zealand)
Monadnock - Expandable & Straight Batons & Holders, Restraints & Training Equipment (Australia and New Zealand)
Nite Ize Flashlight Accessories - Nite Ize flashlight and mobile accessories (Australia and New Zealand)
Original Swat - Sports shoe comfort - tactical performance (Australia and New Zealand)
Pelican Products- Pelican flashlights and protective cases available from LEGEAR Australia (Australia and New Zealand)
Photon Micro Lights - Powerful and compact micro lights (Australia and New Zealand)
PrinctonTec Flashlights - Maximum performance in any weather condition, made in the USA and backed by a lifetime warranty (Australia and New Zealand)
ProForce Survival Gear - Quality equipment for the military professional and outdoor enthusiast (Australia and New Zealand)
QuikStep Ladder - Fire/Rescue and Police Tactical Foldable ladders (Australia and New Zealand)
Quiqlite - Super-bright LED clips onto pocket for hands-free operation (Australia and New Zealand)
Rite in the Rain Notebooks - Notebooks for Police, SAR, EMS, Fire and Military (Australia and New Zealand)
Safariland Duty Gear - Safarilands holsters are used by over 70% of Police forces in the USA (Australia and New Zealand)
Saunders Clipboards - Clipboards with a difference. Used by Police, Military and Security. (Australia and New Zealand)
Smith & Wesson - Handcuffs, Knives and Flashlights (Australia and New Zealand)
SnugPak - Sleeping Bags and Apparel (Australia and New Zealand)
SOG Knives- 87 Knives combining advanced technology, imaginative designs and high-quality construction (Australia and New Zealand)
Streamlight Flashlights - Streamlight builders of the world's most trusted flashlights (Australia and New Zealand)
Suunto Watches and Outdoor - Suunto's mission is to be the world's most desired sports instrument brand (Australia and New Zealand)
Surefire Flashlights - Powerful enough to temporarily blind, unbalance, and disorient any threat faced (Australia and New Zealand)
Tactical Operations Products - Tried and tested in Tactical Operations. Flashlights, Backpacks and Holders (Australia and New Zealand)
Tru-Spec Military & Police Apparel - Military, Police, Security and Hunting apparel from Tru-Spec. Made to Military Specifications (Australia and New Zealand)
Tool Logic- Innovative tools built for life! (Australia and New Zealand)
Uncle Mikes Duty Gear & Bags - Police, Military and Security Duty gear and holsters (Australia and New Zealand)
Under Armour - Clothing to keep you cool, dry & light (Australia and New Zealand)
Victorinox Swiss Army - Victorinox Swiss Army Kinves, Multi Tools, Bags, Wallets and Watches (Australia and New Zealand)
Wenger - High quailty swiss made knives and watches (Australia and New Zealand)
Wiley X Eyewear - Sunglasses and Goggles used by Military and Special Forces worldwide (Australia and New Zealand)
Zak Tool - Heat treated stainless steel handcuff keys made with superior craftsmanship (Australia and New Zealand)

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